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Nelson & Floyd - Three pockets leather wallet

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-Vegetable Tanned in U.S

-Hermann Oak Leather

- Handmade by Corter Leather

- 4.25" x 2.75" x 1/4"

Authenticity and Caftsmanship

Drawing inspiration from the simplicity of the past and the time-honoured traditions of skilled craftsmanship, this minimalist leather wallet offers more than just a space for your essentials. It represents the virtue of simplicity and the power of understated elegance. and a respect for the painstaking process of vegetable tanning.

Handmade in Cape Cod with meticulous attention to detail by the one and only Corter Leather, this minimalist wallet is not simply a utilitarian accessory. It's a bold testament to the richness of simplicity and the courage to embrace the fundamentals. Carry this wallet, and make a statement of your respect for quality, heritage, and the timeless appeal of minimalism.

Handmade by Corter Leather

Why Should You Trust Us ?

At Nelson & Floyd we don't just sell grooming products. We sell a vision of what men can be. A vision of confidence, style, and audacity.

We are on a mission to redefine men's grooming, by creating products that are inspired by the art and craft of barbering. We are barbers ourselves, creating products that are made with the finest ingredients and the highest standards of quality.  

We want to encourage men to elevate their personal style and individuality. We want to help our clients achieve that fresh out-of-the-barber feeling every day, not just on special occasions or once a month. 

We are Nelson & Floyed and we invite you to join us.