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Rockwell Razors - Blades Bank

Rather than throwing exposed used blades in the garbage, safely store them in a Rockwell Blade Bank for easy, recyclable disposal. Made from recyclable tin, the Rockwell Blade Bank allows...

Rockwell Razors - Double-Edge Razor Blades Pqt.100

Rockwell Razors Safety Razor Blades are made of premium rust-proof Swedish stainless steel and specially treated to retain exceptional sharpness. Each blade lasts 5 to 8 shaves. Each blade is...

Astra - Lame de rasoir


Astra - Double Edge - Razor blades 100 count

The Astra Double Edge Blade is made with high quality stainless steel to achieve a smooth shave. Designed to to last a lot longer than a few shaves, skin has...

Rapira -Double Edge - Chrome - 100 count

Rapira Stainless Chrome Double Edge Blades are manufactured to high quality standards. Blades that will comfortably last from 3 to 7 shaves. The cutting edge is treated at high temperature to achieve...

Gillette - Silver Blue - Razor blades - 25 count

5 Packs of 5 Blades per Pack Total 25 Blades A super premium razor blade. Each blade is double wrapped in outer paper and inner wrapped with wax paper to...