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Reuzel - Clean & Hydrate - Gift set

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Convenience is key, and this kit has everything you need to start you simple skin care regime. This kit includes a Clean & Fresh Solid Face Wash Stick 1.7oz, as well as the Hydrating Face Moisturizer 3.38oz.  The Solid Face Wash Stick is meant to be used on your dry face & neck.  Simply wet your hands, lather & rinse.  

  • Sulfate-free (non-drying formula)
  • Key ingredient, Caffeine aids in reducing dark circles
  • Ingredients of calendula, shea butter and apricot oil leave your skin nicely moisturized and smelling like a peach
  • Balanced formula for all skin types
  • Hydrating, Calming, Brightening, Antioxidant-rich & doesn’t clog pores

Simply rub the Face Wash Stick over your forehead, cheeks, chin & nose.  Add warm water to your hands, later & rinse.  Follow with a quick slap of RR Clean & Fresh Hydrating Face Moisturizer - this can be done in 30 seconds - tops - and your skin will thank you!