Our shaving oil is made with only natural ingredients, all chosen for their benefits to the skin. Conventional aftershaves and shaving creams contain chemicals, which can damage the skin. So, use this oil as you’re shaving and after to calm down your skin.

This oil contains lemon essential oil, which will disinfect your skin, and lavender essential oil, which relaxes it, reducing the strain. It also contains vitamin E and jojoba, two excellent oils for hydrating and healing the skin. This means less ingrown hairs, fewer pimples, and less razor burn. Sounds good, eh?

Well, there’s more! Oil is transparent, meaning you can actually see where you’re shaving and lining up your beard, no more shaving mishaps.

  • Reduce razor burn
  • Helps with ingrown hairs and pimples
  • Hydrates and heals skin
  • Makes it easier to adjust beard lines

If shaving is giving you issues then boy oh boy will you like this shaving oil.



◦ Vitamin E
◦ Jojoba Oil
◦ Almond Oil
◦ Lavender Essential Oil
◦ Lemon Essential Oil

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