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Nelson & Floyd - Soap Bar - Old Tom

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Created and developed by Dillinger’s barbers, this soap will clean your body and your beard without drying your skin and whiskers!

-100% natural carriers and essential oils

-No chemical fragrances

-Made in Canada

-Size 5oz


Juniper & Grapefruit

We named this fragrance  Old Tom in memory of an ancient gin type that was considered the ''missing link'' between the dutch genever and the london dry.

The juniper gives it a ''gin like'' touch while the grapefruit envigorate your senses!

A serious dose of morning freshness that men AND womens will enjoy

  • Non Tested

    On Rabbits

  • No Harsh


  • Developped

    by Barbers

  • Made of Natural


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  • Olive Oil

    Used in soap fabrication for centuries, olive oil is the perfect skin moisturizer and so lite on the skin that it can be used on babies!

  • Coconut Oil

    Great for its cleansing properties, coconut oils and also leave a protective layer on your skin.

  • Calendula infused oil

    Chosed for it's antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties that make it useful in healing wounds, soothing eczema, and relieving rashes.

  • Shea butter*

    Moisturize, hydrate and has anti-inflammatory properties which is great for any rashes or itchiness on your skin. *organic

  • Sodium Hydroxide

    This is the ingredient that allow everything to bond togheter. It is neutralized in the process of saponification when the oils and fats are combined during the fabrication.

  • Beeswax

    Used in very small amount to make soap harder and longer lasting.

  • Grapefruit bark oil

    The grapefruit bark oil not only invigorate your senses but has antimicrobial properties and is also extremely good for your skin.

  • Juniper berry oil

    Juniper is the main ingredient used in producing Gin. Combined with je grapefruit bark oil, we get a bit of a citrus gin fragrance that is verry pleasant. It also promote blood circulation

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Nelson & Floyd Grooming Co

Developed by Dillinger's boutique & barber shop grooming experts in collaboration with savonnerie des Dilligences. We combined our grooming expertise with their 15+ years of natural soap making experience to bring to the market

Our mission is to offer professional grade products that are developed based not only on the feedback we get from our customers but also from our extensive knowledge, expertise of professional barbers & grooming experts of our growing grooming enthusiast clientele.

The Fragrance

The Old Tom Gin was once considered the ''missing link'' of the gin world! Popular in the late 1800's and early 1900's, it is now making a comeback on the craft cocktail scene!

We decided to pay tribute to this iconic beverage by combining the juniper berry and grapefruit bark fragrances into a fresh, sweet and invigorating perfume!