Maintaining your moustache is not always obvious, your style could be long or short, twisted up or down, thick or thin, one way or another, it needs frequent maintenance. If not, you’ll get hairs poking out all the place. Even if you do maintain it often, you’ll still get some. Especially those darn hairs that stick up in your nose…

But there’s a fix! The beeswax will help control those stray hairs that stick up, and allow you to shape it in the style you want. Keep in mind it gives a medium hold, so don’t expect that competition-level hold. Your moustache will look naturally well-groomed, and will be extra soft thanks to the shea butter in the recipe.

  • Gives a medium hold
  • Makes moustache soft
  • Keeps it hydrated

Keep those whiskers in place.


The Brave Soul edition has a subtle scent of energetic notes of tangerine and lemon with a burst of lavender and a hint of ginger and teak to capture the youthful dynamism of today’s assertive urban male.

How To Use

After your shower, simply rub a small amount of the moustache wax between your thumbs and indexes to melt it. Once melted, apply to the moustache to style it how you like.


◦ Bees wax
◦ Shea butter
◦ Sweet almond oil
◦ Castor oil 

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