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Euromax - Platinum Coated Razor Blades -100pq

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Euromax platinum coated blade, professional for barber razors, single usage, easy & safer shave each time, made from japan steel, safe & luxurious shave, single edge & double edge stainless blades.

The Professional Salon Razor is one of a kind manufactured from India, which is the best salon razor produced with Japanese steel and with very strict standards of hygiene and quality control has put this product into the global markets.

Key Features:
  • Personal Replacement Single Edge Razor Blades.
  • Comfort Coated For The Smoothest Shave.
  • Made with High-Quality Stainless Steel.
  • Tempered, Sharpened & Honed To Exacting Standards.
  • 1 Pack of 100.

    Made in India.