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Brave & Bearded

Brave & Bearded - Beard Balm - Unscented

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Our sculpting beard balm is made with only high-quality natural ingredients and has a light scent of shea butter and beeswax. You only need a small amount of balm to make sure your beard is on point throughout the day, so your balm will last you a long time.

Using the beard balm will help you tame your wild beard and shape into your desired style. The shea butter in the balm will not only hydrate your beard hairs, but it will also make them very soft, a great bonus for those with coarse beards. 

  • Soften beard hair
  • Control stray hairs
  • Style your beard

Just one use will make your partner unable to take their hands off of your beard. That’s great, but beware the hordes of strangers who will try and touch it. We warned you.

Stay Brave.

How To Use

Use: After your shower and your beard is dry, simply rub a dime size of the classic beard balm between your palms and apply it smoothly through your beard and moustache.


◦ Beeswax
◦ Shea Butter
◦ Sweet Almond Oil
◦ Castor Oil
◦ Vitamin E
◦ Coconut Oil