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Brave & Bearded

Brave & Bearded - Beard Balm - KIT

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When your beard gets longer, you start noticing stray hairs. No matter how much you try to comb them into place, they won’t listen. What can I do then?

Beard balm is the fix you’re looking for.

The kit comes with a can of beard balm of your choice, a bottle of shampoo (235ml), and a sandalwood beard comb.

The beard balm will help you control the stray hairs in your beard and style it in the process. Thanks to its ingredients, your beard will also be really soft after using it and will be hydrated.

The shampoo will clean your skin in-depth due to its high-quality recipe and leave your beard feeling soft and refreshed.

The sandalwood comb is the perfect tool to untangle and condition your beard, as some of the balm and oil you put in your beard will be absorbed by the comb. Perfect for some on-the-go beard styling.

• Control stray hairs
• Style your beard
• Soften your beard

This is the perfect kit to keep your beard looking its best day in and day out.


Beard Balm:
◦ Beeswax
◦ Shea Butter
◦ Sweet Almond Oil
◦ Castor Oil
◦ Vitamin E
◦ Coconut Oil