Co-vid 19: The Attack Of The Beardbies

Living under a rock for the last 3 months? Probably not, so I’m sure you’ve all adopted the habit of sanitizing and washing your hands upon entering your house, because well, it’s the intelligent thing to do during this pandemic... says literally everyone. The last place you want COVID to fester is in your babies’ crib.

beardbies advisory

Covid-19 has completely reshaped our self grooming and hygiene habits, we now sanitize our hands BEFORE and DURING and AFTER admiring our Instagram crush on our phones whereas we would just sanitize once pre covid... You know, after the “admiring” was done.. Unfortunately, as obsessive and compulsive as we are all becoming through the spread of this virus, it may just be the most intelligent thing to do to in order to protect yourself and the ones you love, from the giant scary covid beardbies hiding under your bed...

As someone who directly works with the public (as well as beardbies) within a distance of fewer than 2 meters (Actually I get as close to you as your wife. What other male do you let touch behind your ears? Only your barber bruh…), I felt compelled to share my opinion on matters of sanitation regarding facial surface, and beards. I believe men will have to continue to reshape their hygiene rituals in order to adapt to the rapid-fire spread of COVID in the long run. I will proceed to share a few resources with you and state facts, in order for us to come to the same understanding. I ask you to take a quick look at these scientific studies that were conducted in order for us to proceed….I’ll wait.

It’s a fact.

Beards have the potential to fester germs namely Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Enterococcus which can lead to becoming a breeding ground for Covid-19. Perhaps just as much, if not more so than our hands. The reason being, we’re in the habit of washing and sanitizing our hands more often than we wash our beards.

This is not an attempt to convince you of the need to shave your beard off. Because as you can see in the second study, unkept facial skin can carry an equal amount of bacteria as an unkept beard, it really just depends on the individuals hygiene practices.
The truth is, now more than ever, you need to get into the habit of taking 30 seconds to disinfect your beard using a beard cleanser foam throughout the day, and, washing your face with a scrub in the morning upon starting your day, and at night when you finish coming out of the shower.

I’m firm believer of building a habit with a foundation so it lasts in the long run. We’re all in the habit of washing our hands and showering, why are we not in the habit of disinfecting our beards and scrubbing our faces at least twice a day? What do they repeat over and over again? “ Do not touch your face, your eyes, nose, or mouth.” If bacteria festers on the facial area, the eyes, nose, and mouth are the vulnerable openings we need to protect.

Before I personally touch any beard of any sort, whether it be for a shave, a trim, or a lineup, the first thing I do is take American Crew beard foam cleanser and scrub the beard to disinfect and open up the beard to see what I’m working with (sometimes you find misplaced things in there, like old crayons, collectors nickels, bits of Bigmac sauce etc). I personally recommend American crew non scented as my #1, followed by the Reuzel beard cleansers. Getting into the habit of using a beard cleanser is the same as you would do using purell to disinfect your hands. If your clean-shaven or keep a 5 o clock shadow on your face, I would recommend a facial cleanser by Rebels refinery. These 2 products are without a doubt the ones you absolutely need to add to your hygiene repertoire if you sport a beard, or have any hair on your face for that matter.

american crew beard cleanserrebels refinery beard wash
For anyone who’s not convinced, look at it this way. Just as you take preventative measures with your sex life, you should probably take on the same measures in your day to day life for your hygiene. You wouldn’t raw dog a stranger you just met, that leads to STDS, unwanted pregnancies, AND CHILD SUPPORT FOR UP TO 25 YEARS IN QUEBEC.

Be safe, If you stepped outside and went raw with your beard, disinfect it, don’t leave it unprotected. Or go ahead and ignore this post, and end up with beardbies in your beard. But before you do, just ask yourself, would you have a clean conscience if you infected your kid?

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