7 Simple Grooming Tips Every Stylish Man Should Practice

7 Simple Grooming Tips Every Stylish Man Should Practice

Looking sharp and dashing doesn’t lie solely on a man’s wardrobe but also on proper grooming. Grooming enhances your appearance ten times over, either in a bespoke suit or in a pair of jeans and t-shirt. It also draws people to you by default, creating a great first impression. 

To elude charm and elegance every time you step out, you need a specific grooming routine customized for your body, face, and skin type. This grooming routine should include



1.Regular visits to your barber

The first thing people notice when they look at you is your haircut so you might as well make your barber your best friend. 

barber men

The moment you realize your hair needs trimming, book an appointment with your barber. Remember that these appointments shouldn’t be booked based on how frequently your friend goes for a trim but based on how quickly your hair grows. So be prepared because you may just have to visit the barber every three weeks.


2.Manage your beard

While beards have become a major trend for men, not all kinds of beards make the cut. So keep your beard trimmed and neat. If you don’t think you can handle a beard trimmer, ask your barber to take care of it as well when you head out for a haircut. 

manage your beard men with a shaver

If you prefer a clean shave, make sure to get rid of stubble before you step out of the house. 


3.Use the right hair products

Your hair products should be selected based on your hair type. If you have a thick, unruly mane, waxes and pomades should be your go-to products. And if you have soft, silky hair, lighter hair products are the best choices. All you need to do is take a few moments to understand your hair type and seek outfitting products.



4.Choose a signature scent

There’s nothing more attractive than a neat man with a great scent. So skim through colognes and choose your signature scent. For the summer or spring months, colognes with citrus bases are most suitable and for winter you can go for spicy or woody scents. 

colorgne solid

Note that colognes are to be used sparingly so resist the urge to seep your jacket in them before stepping out.


5.Work on that smile

A bright smile is the easiest way to draw people to you –whether it’s that business owner you intend to collaborate with or that pretty lady you’ve got your eyes on. So put in the work with your toothbrush. 

A tip for getting and maintaining white teeth is to own a electric toothbrush, and whitening tooth paste. Changing your toothbrush head often, will keep your teeth free of germs and reduce risk of gum disease.



6.Exfoliate your face

Whoever told you only women use scrubs should be ignored, completely. For a smooth, healthy skin exfoliate your face twice a week with a face scrub.  A scrub will rid your skin of dead skin cells, giving new skin cells a space to shine. 

face scrub

While you can choose to purchase a scrub from the drug store, you can make your own scrub by combining honey and brown sugar. Apply this mixture on your face and rub for 1 minute. Leave on for 5 more minutes before washing off for a gleaming face.


7.Use sunscreen

Choose multipurpose sunscreen that does more than protect your skin from the sun. Some sunscreens reduce aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines and some keep your skin moisturized. Go for these instead to keep your skin both protected and nourished.



Trimming your eyebrows and clearing dark circles are also great grooming tips you should add to your routine. So put all of these grooming tips into practice and watch the best you come to life.

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