The Modern Man’s Ritual For A Traditional Shave

The Modern Man’s Ritual For A Traditional Shave

Let’s bring back the father and son tradition again!


Step 1 – Wash

Using the moisture from the steam of a hot shower is the ideal way to prep your skin before shaving. Or, if you’d prefer to take an extra step in pampering yourself, apply a hot towel on your face for 30 – 60 seconds, as is traditionally done in the barbershop. Relax. The opening of the pores, and softening of the skin and hair, will be accomplished through the heat and moisture of steam on your face. Following the prep of the sensitive facial area, and in order to ensure the most comfortable shave possible, apply a facial cleanser to remove dirt and debris clogged deep down within the pores.



Step 2 – Skin prep

When preparing to shave at home, this vital step is often forgotten, leading to irritation and damaged skin shortly after shaving. In order to attain the cleanest results and avoid the unnecessary growth of ingrown hairs and razor burn, it is highly recommended to use an exfoliant and a few drops of beard or shaving oil, setting up a proper base for the following steps.



Step 3 – The blade

Open up your safety razor and being careful not to cut yourself, gently placing the blade in it’s holder. Using high quality blades makes all the difference between a forced shave that pulls hair and cuts skin while leaving skin burnt and irritated, and one that effortlessly glides down your skin. Not cheaping out on blades is the distinguishing factor between a comfortable shave and an irritable one. Before as well as during your shave, frequent rinsing of your blade under warm water, ensures the cleanliness and avoidance of accumulation of shaving lotion on the blade.



Step 4 – The cream

Place a small amount of shaving cream or soap in your shaving bowl. Soak your shaving brush in warm water and wring out the excess water before placing you brush back in your bowl. Now, create a thick lather with your brush in the bowl by applying constant circular movements. Once ready, apply the mouse to your face with the same circular movements on you skin. Don’t be afraid to use some force, as the pressure from the hairs of the brush will aid in gently lifting your facial hair causing it to protrude straight up from your pores, and as a result contributing to a effortless comfortable shave.




Step 5 – The shave

Placing your safety razor at a 30 – 45 degree angle against your skin, allow the weight of the razor to gently glide down your face avoiding all unnecessary pressure. The trick is to allow the proper preparation of the skin, the sharpness of the blade, and the weight of the safety razor to accomplish the job for you. For the best results, shaving once in the direction of growth, and if necessary, a second shaving, will ensure maximum smoothness.



Step 6 – Soothe and rehydrate

After the shave, it’s essential to splash yourself off with cold water. Wipe your face down, and gently tap your skin with an alcohol based aftershave to ensure the proper sealing of your pores. Once the slight burning sensation has subsided, apply an after shave facial balm to ensure optimal rehydration of the skin. If you happen to have particularly sensitive skin, and end up with micro cuts on your face, make sure to have some sealing allum sticks nearby to properly disinfect and seal any open wounds.

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