BRAND SPOTLIGHT REBELS REFINERY FLASH SPOTLIGHT A Canadian based company that offer kickass skin care products and a crazy low price without sacrificing quality. Girls...if your men keep diggin in your expensive creams...Rebels refinery is your solution! ABOUT THE BRAND Rebels Refinery created a line of natural skin care to...

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ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW LIKE SIZE, SMELL MATTERS TOO Let's face it. Nobody likes a stink. Gone are the days of that "manly odor," causing women to trip over their feet as your male scent draws them in – it was all a lie. While perfumery goes back thousands...

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MENU TIPS & TECHNIQUES VIDEO LIFESTYLE WORDS FROM THE SHOGUN Join the Club All you need to Know The 2 words that terrify men the most (besides erectile dysfunction): HAIR LOSS In this article we will talk about Hair Loss, Hair Thinning & Make Pattern Baldness Prevention. Many people experience changes...

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