virtue a man's essence

Virtue – A man’s essence.

What defines being a male? I mean which particular quality or attribute, truly defines the being, the essence, of a wholesome powerful male (Capable of making an impact on his community, the lives around him, his family, his country, and the world itself- Being of use- in other words)? Today I want to invite you to take a look and to break down a particular word with me, that has been turning in my mind lately.

Virtue: The quality of doing what is right and avoiding what is wrong (The quality of being morally good). A particular moral excellence. Merit. Worth. Character.

The word virtue comes from the Latin root Vir which means man. At first, virtue meant manliness or valor, but over time it settled into the sense of moral excellence. As we progressed into the modern age, the definition of what it is to be a man has been blurred, and millions of young men across the world are now being misled into believing that a man is measured by what he has (for himself), what he does (for his gain), or what he has accomplished (his own vain self-centered ambitions), completely disregarding the means to achieve the end.

But who is to blame? How do we make time for the young men in our lives in this ever so frenetic world? The lacking presence and example of a positive father in a young man's life has lifelong detrimental effects on the healthy development of a young man's sense of masculinity. A stray dog without a master is a lost dog, not a free dog. A boy without a positive role model of wholesome masculinity is left disoriented and confused, often overcompensating in his life in an attempt to attain a worldly modern definition of masculinity, Like every rap and reggaeton artist who wears douchy sunglasses indoors.

Lost. Overcompensating. Confused.

A man has, since the beginning of time, been defined by his character, so why have we as mankind, moved away towards shallower means of measurement? Life has become some sort of virtual reality game where we focus on and compare the progress of others in comparison to ourselves and our own lives.

There comes a certain time in a man's life where he realizes and accepts everything that he’s not in control of in life, quits whining like a bitch, and decides to play the hand that he’s been given to the best of his advantage, regardless if you were dealt a worse hand than your opponent.  


*cough cough* … As I was saying….

Things outside of your control:

-The country you were born into
-The family you were born into
-Conditions of your childhood
-The weather
-Your face (Unfortunately if you were born with an unpleasant face, there’s not much you can do…)

A man is defined by his character, yet we judge a man based on his appearance. However instead of looking at it in a negative light, why don’t we see it this way,

Your appearance gets your foot in the door, your character (virtue) seals the deal.

I’m referring to getting your feet into many different doors, career, relationships, sex life… etc

There are 3 types of men
1 All bark no bite (Handsome but incompetent)
2 All bite no bark (Competent but verbally inarticulate and inept)


Like I was saying, if you were born with a rather unsymmetrical face, that is not in your control, accept it. Your face makes the first impression on everyone, followed by your voice. If you happen to have a not so pleasant mug to look at combined with a little pipsqueak voice, don’t worry, there’s still hope for you.

"YEAH! There's still hope for me too!" - Mr.Scrottiechin

There’s one more thing you can do to get your foot in the door.  After that, You’ll be measured by your virtue (Which is fully in your control).

And that one thing that will turn it all around for you is…..

Come see me, the shogun, for a grooming and style consultation to get your hair cut and styled to match your hair texture, your face, your being, your character, your essence.

Have a great quarantine and when this is all over … GET READY TO KICK DOWN SOME MAH-FUGGIN DOORS!!! YEEE HAWWWWW!

PS: Actually you should probably knock politely first… like a man of virtue would. And then if no one answers…THEN YOU CAN KICK IT DOWN!! Go ahead. I give you permission.

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