One Summer Styling Tip To Rule Them All

One Summer Styling Tip To Rule Them All

Summer's finally here. The need to style your hair increases in direct proportion to the amount of time we spend outside and the number of people we socialize with in person for we all want to make a good impression on others. While women, through habit and education, are already convinced of the importance of maintaining their hairstyles with products, men during the summer flock to their stylists and barbers in an effort to enhance their look. And the barber will generally recommend 2 styling products that are indeed good products but don’t quite fit for the season. Those 2 products are Clay or Pomade, which are great products, but I will get to why these are 2 inefficient products to be using during the summer season.

While the season and social atmosphere call men to use products in their hair more than ever, there is one unfortunate styling obstacle that comes into play. Whether you're active or not, you're still going to sweat being outdoors. That sweat then mixes with the clay or pomade you used to style your hair creating a gloopy texture that weighs your hair down, clogging your scalp with the sticky goopy matter.

So what can we do to ensure that our hair will stay styled properly during the heat of the summer months without melting all over our scalps and down our faces, and glooping our hair together in chunks? Here are 3 tips to ensure that your hair will be styled as lightweight as possible while still maintaining movement and texture irregardless of sweat, heat, and humidity.

1. Get your hair cut properly

First things first, a good haircut should always be cut in a way that asks for a minimum amount of product to be used on the head. If the hair is cut properly according to your texture, hair growth movement, density, and head shape, the product will only be used to slightly enhance what your barber already worked on. You will still need to use product, but your haircut won't be fully dependent on product itself in order for it to look polished. It will already be a good haircut in the first place.

2. Use Reuzel’s blue hair tonic

Here’s a trick that will give you a natural, polished, pliable look in just 2 minutes of effort. Take some of Reuzels blue hair tonic and rub It in between your hands, palms and fingers. Starting at the base of the scalp, rub into it using your fingertips in a circular motion while working your way up the hair towards the center and end of the strands. Now take a blowdryer, and blowdry into desired form. Your hair should hold reasonably well into the shape you mold it in. Since Reuzels tonic is not an oil based product, it won’t leave any residue in your hair. Tonic gives a slight shine and stick allowing the hair to be slightly pliable.

3. Use a hair powder

Reuzel Matte Texture Powder

Pomade and Clay’s are great products, however, on particularly hot and humid days, grease-based products will melt, mix with sweat, and start to gloop and clunk the hair together causing too much weight, and therefore having your hair fall out of style due to that extra weight. There is one great lightweight product you can use in combination with the tonic and that product is hair powder.
Hair powder is an ingenious product that combines the pliability of clay and pomade, without all the weight and stick. This allows for a long-lasting movable hairstyle (when combined with tonic) without all the sticky mess.

Give tonic and powder a try, we’re sure you won’t regret using this clean modern technique to styling your hair!